Home Cam 2 | See Everything. Attach Everywhere.

Aince the last launch of Home Cam, Netvue has waited for more than 1 year to release Home Cam 2. The main reason for Netvue to launch the Home Cam series is that we are passionate about providing our users a tiny but mighty home security camera solution that helps them to guard their home, communicate with their family members and stay alerts with whatever happens. During the design process of Home Cam 2, our product team has improved the physical product design based on the user feedback from the first generation of Home Cam.

Home Cam 2 Dimensions

The Size

Our product team has decided to shrink the size of Home Cam 2 to an even smaller size than Home Cam. In our market research, we have found that in most of the product scenarios, our users used the product in situations with their pets or kids. The places that pets or kids usually stay are very tricky. It is challenging to find a large enough space for home security cameras to fit around them. Therefore, we decided to make it even smaller and lighter - even your baby can grab and hold it.

The Installation.

Another difference between the first and second generation of Home Cam is the ways of installation. Home Cam 2 is integrated with 3 different installation methods: magnet, standing, and screws. The variety of installations is designed to provide a more comprehensive using case.

Home Cam 2 | Attach Everywhere Video Demo

Whichever installation method you pick, you will have the Home Cam 2 setup in less than 5 minutes. If you take advantage of the magnetic base of the Home Cam 2, just throwing it to the refrigerator, you will mount it within the sound of "click".

The Resolution.

Home Cam 2 | Days & Nights Vision in 1080p FHD

We have upgraded the resolution of Home Cam 2 from 720p to 1080p, for both days and nights. Because no one wants to see their baby, pets, or even just empty home in a blurring mode.

So, crystal clear with 1080p FHD comes into the place. Whenever you want to have a quick check-in with your home, Home Cam 2 will be there, like an eye on you, and report every single detail that occurs in your home.

See Everything. Attach Everywhere.

With Home Cam 2, you will see everything that happens in every corner of your home whenever you need to. Check out the Netvue Home security cameras if you need to get one!